Chris and Caroline's WakeField Engagement Shoot

June 10, 2014


You know what’s funny??? When you have everything planned for months & you ended up doing something completely different when the day arrives. Chris & Caroline had a fantastic idea for their engagement shoot, the plan was to photograph them at the pub they had their first date at & hit The Gatineau Hills.  We get to the pub and there’s a line-up to get in and the patio is jam-packed! It’s 5:30pm on a Saturday! Don’t let the little town of Chelsea Quebec fool you, it’s “happening” over there! So, I mentioned the idea of driving to Wakefield and they loved it! The combination of the heritage building, the covered bridge & the train tracks, made for a perfect shoot. I love the way everything turned out & lets be honest, they are one HOT couple!

I believe the couple who does the “CARLTON DANCE” together, stays together-lol

These two make my heart melt, totally connected and they just love being together. I can’t wait for your wedding day in August. Congratulations again Chris & Caroline on your engagement!

Scroll down to see, what completed connected looks like ;) 

Doesn't this look like an add for a fun clothing line?


Expert "Carlton DANCER" 


Every time I look at this photo, I can't help but think, "Young Summer Lovin"