Gorgeous Family ALERT!!!!

October 24, 2013

My Family I Got To Know, During A Photo Shoot  
Isn't it weird to have family out there you never see & hardly know? It's actually more of a shame, that life is just so busy! As a child, I spent some time with my cousin Lia & her brothers. To be honest, I haven't seen them since. I got to know my cousin Lia in my adult years over Facebook. I got to see on a daily bases the love she had for her 3 boys & after this photo shoot, I can see why.  They are a joy to be around & my camera just loved them both :) Aidan her second oldest, has that gift. What I mean by this, In life you meet people with the kindest eyes & such a joyful personality that you can't help but want to get to know them more! Aidan has this kind of personality, you just instantly love him! Avery, the youngest son out of her three boys is just too cute for words! I can't wait too see him grow. As well, he shares the same name as my oldest daughter. I'm glad our family has two beautiful Avery's :) Thank you Lia & Family for this beautiful session. And for everyone who has family out there you don't know very well, give them a call :)